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Peter Kingsbery grandit à Austin au Texas où il suit des études de musique classique. Il s’installe
ensuite à Nashville (Tennessee) ; il y commence une carrière de musicien et d’auteur-compositeur.
En 1982, il crée le groupe COCK ROBIN. Il enchainera disque d’or et de platine avec ce groupe grâce à sa superbe voix et un sens aigue de la composition et de l’arrangement. 6 titres apparaîtront dans le Top 50.
Dans les années 90, Peter Kingsbery participe aux côtés de Cindy Lauper à Tycoon l’adaptation en anglais de Starmania. Il y interprète Only The Very Best, qui se classera tout en haut des charts en France et en Europe.

Peter Kingsbery grew up in Austin, Texas, where he studied classical music studies. He then moved to Nashville (Tennessee) ; there begins a career as a musician and songwriter. In the early 70s, he served as a keyboard for Brenda Lee with whom he toured the USA and Japan.

In 1982, he created the group COCK ROBIN. Their records would go gold and platinum thanks to his superb voice and a keen sense of composition and arrangement. Remember the Promise You Made, When Your Heart Is Week, I thought you were on my side, Just Around The Corner have been big hits all around Europe (and are still getting nice airplays 3 decades after their release).
In the 90s, Peter Kingsbery launched his solo Career. He was part of the musical Tycoon along with Cyndy Lauper which charted France, UK, Canada.

Tournée en Mars 2019
​On Tour March 2019

As a true master of words and music, Compay Segundo has become a legend in Cuba
and has been very popular everywhere in the world. With his cigar and his panama on his head, he mastered the armonico (A seven strings guitar he created) like nobody else.

After he passed away in July 2003, his son, Salvador Repilado, who was also his contrabass player, became director of his orchestra. The GRUPO COMPAY SEGUNDO was born.
He also took part with his father and Hugo Garzon to the BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB project. Their song Chan Chan is a major piece of this work.

As official ambassadors of the Cuban music around the world, the GRUPO COMPAY SEGUNDO proudly carries the identity of the ‘sound’ and the traditional Cuban music.
From now on, the band does not stop to go all over the world keeping captivating every kind of audience and has also been featured with great artists such as: Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Charles Aznavour, Teresa Garcia Caturla, Isaac Delgado, Lou Bega…
Macusa, Saboroso, Anita, las Flores de la Vida, as well as the legendary anthem Chan Chan, emblematic song written by Compay and played by every band of the genre around the world; all these songs that the nine musicians from the GRUPO COMPAY SEGUNDO, play for us on stage as a real cheerful gift.

Tournée Mai/Juin 2019 On Tour May/June 2019